Holy Moly!


I did not know if I should call this Hinduism or Sanantana Dharma so I just titled it Holy Moly. 🙂

The Questions of the Atreya-Tantra

Question (from: CS.IV.I)

i) Into how many elements is the empirical man* split?

ii) In what way is man a cause?

iii) What is the origin of man?

iv) Is he sentient or Insentient?

v & vi) Is he eternal or finite?

vii & viii) What is his nature and his modifications?

ix) What is the signifier of a man said to be?

x) How can action be derived from the ‘action-less’ soul? xi)
If he is independent why is he born in undesirable wombs? ‘

xii) If sovereign why is he forcibly overcome by unpleasant feelings?

xiii) Why doesn’t the omnipresent know all experiences?

xiv) Why doesn’t the ‘pervader’ see that which is concealed by mountain or wall?

xv) Which comes first the body or the knower of the body?

xvi) Of what is this a witness xvii, xviii ix) Which of the thre pains of the afflicted, does the physician seek to cure: past present or future ones? xx, xxi, xxii) What is the cause of pain where is its location and when do all pains disappear completely? xxiii) By what signs is the ‘Self’ grasped?

About Iksvakave

I am on a quest to understand my religion --- Hinduism. I have decided to keep a log of my discoveries, and experiences and what I have come to learn in the process. I like to travel through people vicariously. To observe the working of the mind, body and spirit. And heart. The soul infact is what our bodies have and what we are ultimately or in the end! The pricelessness of the soul is a soul is only potentially divine. Our journey here is therefore to understand that divinity in our lives. The ideals of societies, language, culture religion, and spirituality, is what interests me. what we know and don't know and outside of our four walls, maybe the priceless truth of that journey here on earth also, our yoga to be learned and equally perfected in life. What this blog is about is the values of the mother tongue India. And the values and culture of India and my nationality America. Pricelessness of it one will come to know you see. The forehead, is the center of the Hindu conscious. veena kodali

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