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Why is the cow sacred?



Forward it to 3:27 and listen to what the Hinduism says about why we worship the cow.

Personal thoughts —

I believe Hindus don’t eat the Cow because we attribute it to the mother.

Think about this. When the mother can’t give milk to the baby — it has to come from the cow. It is also a babies first staple food.

Cow products are used for nourishment — example, Ghee, butter, butter milk, curd. And cheese.

People in India, even use cow dung to build their homes.

That is why we Hindus don’t eat the cow and believe it should not be killed.

I personally don’t have anything against a person who eats the cow, it does not change the fact they are with you on this planet earth to experience the same fate and learn from what is in store for us.

I believe your consciousness and eyes works very differently when you do not eat the cow. Also, our bodies also look different, I have noticed this with the people of Krishna conscious.

The cow is sacred to Hindus. The Nandi’s are the cows that symbolize and is the vehicle of Shiva and Krishna is known to be cow herder.

I also have read somewhere online that cow and calf may have been considered scared animals in the bible also, for people who have an altar at their homes.