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Conjuction with God


This is my favorite painting.

The original is at University of Arizona.

The Irony behind this painting it also has another title.

That the other title of this painting is — Gift to God.

I was mesmerized by this artwork and drawn to the other work done by Georgia O’ keeffe.

If there was a favorite artist for this soul this existed in the divine order of the universe, and was not a coincidence.

And as with the words of Albert Einstein,  ‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.’


So That


If your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds is that fruit possible?

If your mind was a canvas will the colors you would paint look like tomorrow?

If your mind reflected that infront of you be it that roots one unite with.

On perfection


The simple truth is no ones lives are without imperfections. Perfection is something that is achieved. Mind you the world and this universe is also around. The grass might be green but choices you make can collapse, alter, adapt, rebuild and roll over.

What you acheived is what was once collapsed.

On karma and Sacrifice 3.15




karma brahmodbhavaḿ viddhi brahmākṣara-samudbhavam

tasmat sarvagatam brahma nityam yajne pratisthitam


Karma — the past actions

Barhmodbhavam — are the vast dwelling of Brahma

Viddhi — the way it is or the manner in which

Brahmaksara – brahma’s writing of letters or fate

Samudbhavam —- like the ocean.

Tasmat — therefore

Sarvagatam — the entire past

Brahma –is with  brahma

Nityam — we are eternally

Yajne —  sacrificing

Pratisthitam — for the status of reputation.

Full Meaning:

The past actions rest in the vast dwelling of brahma, the manner in which brahma’s writing of letters (our fate) is like the ocean. Therefore the entire past is with Brahma, we are eternally sacrificing, for the status of reputation or for our reputation.


What it says in Prabhupada’s Gita about Text 3.15

Regulated activities are prescribed in the vedas, and the vedas are directly manifested from the supreme personality of Godhead. Consquently the all-pervading transcendence is eternally situated in acts of sacrifice.

Ramayana: Guru’s final message



Ramayana — Guru’s final message

You have to copy and paste the link in your browser.

Pay attention to Guru’s message at 2:21 sec .

“On this occasion of leave taking… I initiate you into the final wisdom. True knowledge liberates. That is real learning is that which frees you. Now I free you — from all the percepts I gave you. Now the mantra to traverse the path of life is —Atma deepo Bhava – express yourself in the way that lights your soul.  That is, you need not take my percepts with blind faith. Use your knowledge (knowledge that you gained) and discriminating intellect to decide your own duty and the path you choose in life.” 

The guru in his final message defined the true purpose of education. You learn from the Guru till you can’t learn anymore, and use that knowledge and discriminating intellect to decide YOUR OWN DUTY and path in life. I would also like to add that not only did he define the true purpose of education but defined the nature of education. You study till you can’t study anymore and then you question everything till you arrive at answers again. Now, Guru has taught me what the words Guru means.

Now I know why they compare Guru to Brahma, vishnu and masheshwara in the prayer our duty to or learning is equivalent to just that prayer.

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur devo masheswara

gurusakhat tasmai guruve namaha.