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“Let’s get back to the joy of celebrating by forming our circle.”  ———- Interfaith Church

It is the circle that celebrates our spirit and Joy of being among each other. The human touch in that is priceless!

On Gratitude


Gratitude is the highest form of thanks. — Veena

1. Being aware of what YOU have.

2. knowledge of what YOU have and don’t have.

3. You know how to count its blessings!

4. It is the way to show your aptitude.

5. Altitude is its name.

6. It is the parent of all virtues.

7. It is our guru, teacher of our our 5 senses, hands and feet.




On this earth some of the experiences are glories other’s are manifestations of God’s victories. May our experiences be the truth of the matter we won in life, our faith.

— Veena Kodali