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Gayatri Ghanapatha (last portion)


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The song on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5G_ilgDcLk&list=PL1_mTE9wjxTk4PIkF4kQdGTOgdfYsDw3x

Here is my meaning to the last portion of the song.

Om bhuh bhuvaha 1 Om bhuh bhuvaha 2

Om bhuh om bhuvaha om svaha om maha om jana om tapah om satyam 

Om — Om

bhuh — on this earth that we are upon (our past)

bhuvaha — this earth that is our vehicle (at present)

svaha — the self observes (the atmosphere, or the future, the spiritual adobe)

maha —  the greatness of it

Jana — the people

tapa — the burning

Om satyam — Om that truth revealed to us (of our life)

Om tat sah vitur varinium 

Om that with the manner in which we worship, the sun is the bestower of that light.

virgo devasya dhimahi

Vigro or Bhargo? we are rotating around the god devasya that we should meditate upon.

Dhiyo na prochodayat 

with intelligence (with practice of prayer) that you not tell the world

Om apo joytir raso amrutam

Om do not stop from the light the emotion of the immortal nectar (understanding of this depends on what a stage in life, wisdom and spirituality a person has acquired in life)

bhrama bhur bhuvasvaro 

God of this earth, earth as our vehicle self observes.


On this earth we are upon that is our vechicle, the self observes, greatness of it the people, the burning to that truth


That with the manner in which we worship, the sun is the bestower of that light. That we are rotating around, the god (sun) we should meditate upon with intelligence (practice/prayer) that you not tell the world. Do not stop from the light (the sun God, that delivers us from truth of all things) of emotion of the immortal nectar of God of this earth, that earth as our vehicle the self observes.