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Things India can teach you


Things India can teach you.

1. The spiritual and philosophical religion in this world, a spiritual awakening to live for.

2. The birth place of yoga.

3.  Embraces vegetarianism and holistic cooking.

4. The culture that praises dharma, and truthful living.

6.  Celebrates the power of music through ragas.

7.  Appreciates the ‘values’ of education.

The Last verse in Bhagavad Gita 18.78

The Last verse in Bhagavad Gita 18.78

Chapter 18 —- Verse 78 (The last verse in Gita)

Yatra yog’esvarah krsno yatra partho dhanur-dharah Tatra srir vijayo bhutir dhruva nitir matir mama

My Translation

Yatra – Journey

Yog esvarah Krsno—- Union perfected (yog) by esvarah krsno

Yatra – the journey

Partho — is Arjuna’s

Dhanur dharah —holding/wearing the bow (dhanur)  maintaining the way (dharah) [vidhi however is the path]

Tatra — There upon in that meeting (on the battlefield — implied)

Srir —- glories/good fortune

Vijayo — victory to the

Bhutir – human spirit

Dhruva –  its firm will/ resolve

Nitir —the moral principals [ Telugu — neetulu ]

Matir — of the mind 

mama  — belonging to us.

My Meaning:

Journey is perfected by esvarah krsno. Journey belongs to Arjuna’s who was holding the bow.  There upon in that meeting (battlefield) went on the glories/good fortune —– victory to the human spirit, firm will/resolve; the moral principals, of the mind belonging to us.

What does it say in the text by Tapasyananda?

Where ever there is Krishna, the lord of yoga, accompanied by Arjuna wielding the bow — there reign good fortune,victory, prosperity and sound policy. Such is my conviction.




What is that reality that inhabits in each of us that is beyond all change, are the words of Deepak Chopra. To that I say, it is the soul. The reality that holds our personality, ego and body is our soul. Our essential state with, or otherwise in the end. Knowing that we are the soul, each of us have a svabhava (an innate prakrit quality) is important to know. Svabhava (prakriti/ innate quality) is not the same as a person’s Gunnas (qualities in behavior, trained/untrained) or ttavas (the way of thinking). Svabhava is one’s own mentality behind behaviors or way of thinking, that seed or gift you are born with, that shapes personality/nature, can help transform if you know it.  One must look within to understand this of the body. It is the essential state, that you have mastered of the self. That answer is within, when we are at a spiritual place, and know our own bodies in truth, and are aware that we are the soul. Here are somethings to examine. What is it about the self, you love with a teardrop, that no one can touch or change or take away, that you know of and gathered of self, to be the self and in a way that you are happy and still honor that experience of the soul? What have you discovered about yourself through meditation, in silence, through experience, and in solitude? Hope it is the self that knows the difference now among others, your soul. And the self that is still aware of the four walls of our existence, keeping the idea of prakriti (the greatness of nature, the ever changing nature in all that surrounds us) and Sristi (that which creates in this world). It is what is in GOd’s control and the nature of our ever changing experience and what is manifested.  The reality nonetheless is the body’s soul, what you have come to discover of the self, for the evolution of the self of one’s soul. When we realize our essential state is the soul we understand our duty and purpose through yoga. It is this reality that teaches us harmony with our body’s soul.