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What is this Symbol?


You see America — I don’t know the Bible.  A religion and foundation in its own right. Will anyone understand these words and in a way there is no judgement?

This is a blog about my quest to understand religion, with meaning.

Does anyone know what the Vishnu’s Symbol Kapita stands for? A symbol that you see in the picture below.

I wonder if it is for the 2 religions or paths? It is my belief that everything stemmed out of two religions — Hinduism and Christianity. For example, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism came out of Hinduism. One might or might not agree with the idea of everything stemming out of two religions or do you think it has some validity? I believe there maybe truth to this. In the picture below Kapita is the symbol that Vishnu is showing to Arjuna in his discourse of Gita. I have seen this symbol in church services and it is also a symbol of Jesus that you see the picture below.

Vishnu Kapitha Mudra E            Jesus image kapita


Now, what the symbol Kapita means in both the religions is what I hope to find out. I would like to think it is for ways (margam – way to) in this world, one through the power of mind and the other through the power of heart.  Actually, what I found out about this symbol is it symbolizes explaining meaning.