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What is this Symbol?


You see America — I don’t know the Bible.  A religion and foundation in its own right. Will anyone understand these words and in a way with what type of judgement or no judgement?

This is a blog about my quest to understand religion, with meaning.

Does anyone know what the Vishnu’s Symbol Kapita stands for? A symbol that you see in the picture below.

I wonder if it is  for the 2 religions? It is my belief that everything stemmed out of two religions — Hinduism and Christianity. For example, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism came out of Hinduism. One might think the idea of everything stemming out of two religions is a over loaded and a crazy statement or do you think it has some validity? I believe there is some truth to this. In the picture below Kapita is the symbol that Vishnu is showing to Arjuna in his discourse of Gita. I have seen this symbol in church services and it is also a symbol of Jesus that you see the picture below.

Vishnu Kapitha Mudra E            Jesus image kapita


Now, what the symbol Kapita means in both the religions is what I hope to find out. I would like to think it is for ways (margam – way to) in this world, one through the power of mind and the other through the power of heart.  Actually, what I found out about this symbol it symoblizes explaining meaning.