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On America’s Independence day the 4th of July


I feel proud and previleged to be a citizen of this country. One thing that was unreal to me was to see someone of Indian origin and from my parents own region of India be Ms. America. It was historic! I have seen many aspirations possible in this country, because we look up to those same ideals and opportunities that founded this country and what was intended for this country and can now be lived as the American dream by many others. The possibilities here are not always the┬ápossibilities in other third world countries is because it is the citizens that reflect what a country resembles like and what people value and care about and that is the civic sense to the country and its politics that people hold here dearly and I have come to admire. I feel fortunate to be part of a first world country like United Sates America that its people of color and women fought for also so I could enjoy the same rights. People who do not appreciate the race that gave birth to this country’s liberties, freedoms and luxuries and the founders of this establishment have done a grave dis service to this country and its race. May God bless America and its people. Happy 4th of July everyone!!