Abhyase py asamartho si 12.10



Abhyāse ’py asamartho ’si mat-karma-paramo bhava

mad-artham api karmāṇi kurvan siddhim avāpsyasi


abhyāse ’py – that which is followed from the exercise or study of 

asamartho ’si  – (asamarthamu) unable to do so

mat-karma-paramo bhava – mine science of action is the supreme expression 

mad-artham api  – for the sake of meaning even if

karmāṇi -that is through the results of action

kurvan – doing the works of which

siddhim – prepare us for perfection

avāpsyasi – (avaptamu) to be attained 


Full meaning:

That which is followed from the exercise or study of, unable to do so mine science of action is the supreme expression for the sake of meaning even if that is through the results of action, doing the works of which prepare us for perfection to be attained. 

If you cannot exercise in scripture study, god is saying, mine is the science of action that is above all, it is for the sake of meaning also, though action, prepare our bodies to attain perfection. In the text, “na hi jnanena sadrasam” (4.38) it also tells us it is not the knowledge gained here but the vidyate or education undergone that is more valuable. 

The ideal of perfection is not the same for everyone to be achieved. Each of our perfection is based on our karma, past and present, our bodies are a filter for the perfection to be achieved or attained. It is the state of our end form.
Gita 12.10

If you are not capable of practicing systematic concentration, then devote yourself whole heartedly to works of service to me ( consisting in external worship and discharge of duties for my sake). Thus working for me, man can attain to perfection. What is devoting yourself to works of service and this is external worship that involves discharge of duties for God’s sake? This religion is of duty (dharma), why would you be discharged of your duties. So devotion and works of service consist of external worship. What I know of devotion is, it is internal to the body, one goes inward. Take a look at my full meaning.

About Iksvakave

I am on a quest to understand my religion --- Hinduism. I have decided to keep a log of my discoveries, and experiences and what I have come to learn in the process. I like to travel through people vicariously. To observe the working of the mind, body and spirit. And heart. The soul infact is what our bodies have and what we are ultimately or in the end! The pricelessness of the soul is a soul is only potentially divine. Our journey here is therefore to understand that divinity in our lives. The ideals of societies, language, culture religion, and spirituality, is what interests me. what we know and don't know and outside of our four walls, maybe the priceless truth of that journey here on earth also, our yoga to be learned and equally perfected in life. What this blog is about is the values of the mother tongue India. And the values and culture of India and my nationality America. Pricelessness of it one will come to know you see. The forehead, is the center of the Hindu conscious. veena kodali

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