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Agnir jyotir ahah suklah 8.24



agnir jyotir ahaḥ śuklaḥ ṣaṇmāsā uttarāyaṇam

tatra prayātā gachchhanti brahma brahma-vido janāḥ


agnir – the fire of the sun

jyotir -the light of the rays

ahaḥ -the day’s

śuklaḥ -whiteness

ṣaṇmāsā -honor by paying respects to (sanmanam)

uttarāyaṇam-the raising of the sun in northeast

tatra -thereupon

prayātā -attempt at (prayatna)

gachchhanti -reaching the destination of

brahma -brahma

brahma-vido janāḥ- for the people the way to or path to brahma


full meaning

The fire of the sun, the light of the rays, the day’s whiteness honor by paying respects to the raising of the sun in the northeast thereupon attempt at reaching the destination of Brahma, for the people, the way or path to brahma.  

What does it say in Gita?

It says in Gita, fire, light, day-time bright fortnight, six months of northern course of sun-the knowers of brahman who depart along this path attain to brahman. If you don’t care that much for how you look at it this could work. So here are the questions I have. So fire, light, day-time, bright fortnight, six months of northern course of sun all make you knowers of brahman? And you depart along this path? What path is that? You attain brahman, who here on earth can say they are knowers of brahma (God) in this way?

In the ancient Indian culture there is the practice of surya namaskaram. You quite frequently see people doing ritual worship or studying the Gita or memorizing sanskrit prayers, but how many people in this world or Hindus actually practice in the age old tradition of surya namaskaram? My grandmother always did surya namaskaram after her puja and that is typically the time.  The initial reaction to this translation was rejoice! I did not know one can attain brahman with surya namaskaram, and I am not saying one could either, but I see the validity of this Sanskrit verse, if one did attain it would have to be revolutionary. I do not think you could not go wrong by praying to the light of this universe. I prayed to sun God, because I did not know how to do a puja, I did not understand the Gita in the way it is published in English translation. My eyes since I opened Gita for the first time 10 years ago was seeing profound knowledge of sanskrit and I did not get that feeling from the English translation of the books I dabbled into. My higher prayer was to want a book to read in my sadness, anger and solitude, yes all! I am liberated from that experience and the truth I was seeking showed me happiness. I want to go back to the verse and say this, if you practice atleast one of many principles mentioned in Gita on your own, would you be able to attain your spiritual goal? An experience solely for you to realize on Brahma (God).

advesta sarva-bhutanam 12.13



adveṣṭā sarva-bhūtānāṁ maitraḥ karuṇa eva ca

nirmamo nirahankāraḥ sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ kṣamī


adveṣṭā – without the hatred or enmity

sarva-bhūtānāṁ – the entire living spirit 

maitraḥ -through friendship show

karuṇa -compassion

eva -surely


nirmamo -with water of your tears

nirahamkāraḥ-without the ego

Sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ -is equal to one’s sadness-happiness

kṣamī- pardon


Full meaning:

Without the hatred or enmity, the entire living spirit through friendship show compassion surely also with water of your tears and without the ego. It is equal to one’s sadness, happiness and pardon. 

I love this, it is priceless way to include people in our lives.

This verse in the text is combined with 12.14 so I did not post the picture of the meaning in English.



The truth of this spiritual journey what I experienced was unreal both good and bad. I am now free from that entire experience and at peace to a greater degree! I did have a good intention and reason for starting the blog. What the living saw through my eyes, learned from me and taught me in turn about themselves and life was priceless. You are as well as me now owners of all of that education.  The bodies with which I was understood, let that be the shinning and blessing in your life. I have been blessed by the GOD of this race, the weight of which was felt in my hand. I am grateful to be acquainted by people under the flag. I do want to say this though if what people understand in this world is also a like for Trump, who they choose to represent them for a leader and crucification of Jesus (please forgive me for using it in this manner), or the type of world we live in where someone would shoot individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther king and Gandhi. what people understood, want for you or don’t want for you, prove of you is also just that in this world. This is also accordingly of those people not having eyes and senses and of the bodies recognized by a DOT. The capacities with which we understand is the priceless truth of our bodies and live for. This is perhaps the reason for science of action (karma) as we cycle through this universe to learn about ourselves, others and this world. I am grateful to be blessed by spirit for who I am in this world or simply for what I sought out. All that took place in that spiritual process I am on my own and have to live with because I don’t think anyone would understand experiencing spirit in relative terms, and all that happened after my grandpa had died and with Surya Namaskaram.  I count God’s blessing everyday for making Gita true for me in the way it is speaking to me.

I do want to say AmeriCA, I hope you like reading my blog, sounds naïve does it not. I do know and am aware of the fact it is a home to many, many, kinds of people that might not necessarily understand all or any of this. However, I say it affectionately because this was the ground that I have walked on, shaped me to be a person I am today and my home. AmeriCA. 

My greatest thanks and there is that to remember of the body also should go to my blessing in life.

Truth is priceless is it not. Not something all of us can wrap our heads around but all I can hope for is (from all of this) you recognize it some where in your spirit.