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Quotes by Mahnidhi Swami

“As Krsna remains always grateful to his servitors, a devotee should always feel grateful toward the Lord and guru. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says, “even if a devotee serves Krsna for one thousand universal creations, he cannot repay the debt he feels to Krsna for having received the opportunity to serve Him.” HH Mahanidhi Swami

If I was a devotee who is serving krishna or has served krishna for one thousand universal creation, he cannot repay? why? It is a debt he feels to krishna. Okay, understood. It is the debt he feels to krsna for having received the opportunity to serve him. So he owes to Sri krishna for giving an opportunity to serve him? 🙂  —- What a devotee.

We are surrounded by friends – the only enemy is within.” HH Mahanidhi SwamiBottom of Form

What does surrounded mean to you? So EVERYWHERE you go you are surrounded by friends? What if you went to the wrong part of the Bombay? Slums for example. Who is the enemy then? Only what is within. 

“Devotees are not impressed by the poverty or wealth in material sense in any way; what impresses is devotion.” HH Radhanath Swami

Hare Krishna!

Speaking in such a way as to hurt another person’s heart out of carelessness, envy or ego is to cause violence by the mouth – HH Radhanath Swami

Violence by the mouth sounds like this: Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Our consciousness and our motivations in life are like spectacles having different colors, which make everything appear tainted. Association of saintly people and regular spiritual practices give us the vision and the philosophical ideal which help us see the world. HH Randanath Swami

Hare Krishna! 

Religion is not simply a sectarian identification that we socially accept within our life. Religion is the process of purifying our heart; a process of taking shelter of the Supreme Lord.
– HH Radhanath Swami
Religion is a process of purifying your heart — Is that process prescribed? Religion is the process of purifying our heart —- What is this process again? To me it is the process of going into the temple and out of the temple, finding A PROCESS of taking shelter of the supreme Lord.  I am talking about poverty in India.

“Real religion is about, developing real character; character of compassion, character of humility, the character of determination to grow in all circumstances.”  HH Radhanath Swami

The real “characters” are: character of compassion, character of humility, character of determination. If you put those three you will have a real character —– Anna Hazare fighting against corruption.

SB 10.10.15: A poverty-stricken man must automatically undergo austerities and penances because he does not have the wealth to possess anything. Thus his false prestige is vanquished. Always in need of food, shelter and clothing, he must be satisfied with what is obtained by the mercy of providence. Undergoing such compulsory austerities is good for him because this purifies him and completely frees him from false ego.

One: Whose false ego will austerities purify? A poverty-stricken man?
Two: Why does a poverty stricken man need to go through austerities? 

Three: What is mercy of providence?

Four: What are these compulsory austerities that would purify a poverty stricken man?

“Krsna takes special care of the devotee, guides him, gives him intelligence. What kind of intelligence? Just to give him the clue how one can go back to home, back to Godhead. Krishna does not give intelligence how one can gain some material prosperity. Therefore people are not very much interested in worshiping Krishna.”

HDG Srila Prabhupada Bombay, September 26, 1973
Are we advocating for Krishna giving the devotee intelligence to take shelter under godhead and how does that intelligence have to do with also gaining material prosperity. So in both situations people are not interested in worshipping Krishna?

“If you stretch your heart and strain your brain you can always find some good in everyone. No one is absolutely bad – through and through.” HH Mahanidhi SwamiBottom of Form

Hare Krishna!  

Wherever we find the teachings, the association, and the inspiration to purify our lives, to lead a life of integrity and humility, and to live in a spirit of selfless service—that’s where we are going to find the deepest experience of God.
I could not agree with you more Mahanidhi swami. 🙂

“In Kali-yuga, the mind is so lazy that it wants to quit without even trying. If one is not immediately successful, the mind will say – “Oh. I cant do it. I quit!”” HH Mahanidhi Swami

This world revolves around action. Quitting is not an option.

“The bird of the mind flies on two wings: the past and the future. Cut off the wings! Be here, now: hear, chant and remember – love, serve and surrender.” HH Mahanidhi Swami

‎What is bird of the mind flies on 2 wings?  

“Chanting the holy name without service attitude produces sound but no divinity – like a gun firing blanks, instead of bullets.” HH Mahanidhi Swami

To servitude…. Hare Krishna!

To the degree our actions are selfish, it cannot satisfy the heart. A selfless act is that in which we are truly giving ourselves for the object of our love.
– HH Radhanath Swami

I love it! 🙂

“Whether your mind is your best friend or worst enemy – know for sure that he is here to stay. So you had better get to know him!”

HH Mahanidhi Swami

A true statement.  

“To have mental concentration one must be cheerful and peaceful. By cultivating friendship with equals, respect for seniors, compassion for juniors and indifference towards sinners one will destroy envy, hatred and aversion and become happy and serene.” HH Mahanidhi Swami
Hearing this brings me peace.
“In order to progress in devotion we have to learn the workings of the mind, popularly known as human psychology. So a good bhakta is a good psychologist.” HH Mahanidhi Swami

Most definetely agreed.  Truth seekers to me are also good physchologists. How many really understand the workings of the mind?

SB 10.10.11: While alive, does this body belong to its employer, to the self, to the father, the mother, or the mother’s father? Does it belong to the person who takes it away by force, to the slave master who purchases it, or to the sons who burn it in the fire? Or, if the body is not burned, does it belong to the dogs that eat it? Among the many possible claimants, who is the rightful claimant? Not to ascertain this but instead to maintain the body by sinful activities is not good.
Maintaining the body in the way a body knows the difference and in the way we can see is a Hare Krishna devotee.