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The Universal form of Vishnu 11.51


Drst Vedam– seeing the divine philosophical knowledge

Manusam — that shows all the human (Telugu)

rupam — forms (Telugu)

tava —  your

saumyam — getting along with others is of importance

O’ Janardana — people ruler you are

Idamnim — this (idam) minute(nim nimusham)

asmin — I have been

samvrttan — equal in the way it applys to all

sacetah — along with (sa) own doing (Cetah)

prakrtim — this is the own nature’s way

gatah — of telling the past (Telugu)

Iksvakave Meaning:

Seeing the divine philosophical knowledge, that shows all of the humans forms, your getting along with others is important, people’s ruler you are. This minute in have been (in all human forms), equal in the way it applys to all, along with own doing. This is the own nature’s way of telling the past.

Meaning Isckon:

When Arjuna thus saw Krishna in His original form, he said: O Janārdana, seeing this humanlike form, so very beautiful, I am now composed in mind, and I am restored to my original nature.