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The Universal form of Vishnu 11.51


Drst Vedam– seeing the divine philosophical knowledge

Manusam — that shows all the human (Telugu)

rupam — forms (Telugu)

tava —  your

saumyam — ability of getting along with others is of value

O’ Janardana — people ruler you are

Idamnim — this (idam) minute(nim nimusham)

asmin — I have been

samvrttan — equal in the way it applys to all

sacetah — along with (sa) own doing (Cetah)

prakrtim — this is the own nature’s way

gatah — of telling the past (Telugu)

Iksvakave Meaning:

Seeing the divine philosophical knowledge, that shows all of the humans forms, your ability of getting along with others is of value, people’s ruler you are. This minute I have been (in all human forms), equal in the way it applys to all, along with own doing. This is the own nature’s way of telling the past.

Meaning Isckon:

When Arjuna thus saw Krishna in His original form, he said: O Janārdana, seeing this humanlike form, so very beautiful, I am now composed in mind, and I am restored to my original nature.