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The truth of this spiritual journey what I experienced was unreal both good and bad. I am now free from that entire experience and at peace to a greater degree! I did have a good intention and reason for starting the blog. What the living saw through my eyes, learned from me and taught me in turn about themselves and life was priceless. You are as well as me now owners of all of that education.  The bodies with which I was understood, let that be the shinning and blessing in your life. I am grateful to be acquainted by people under the flag. I do want to say this though if what people understand in this world is also a like for Trump, who they choose to represent them for a leader and or the type of world we live in where someone would shoot individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther king and Gandhi. what people understood, want for you or don’t want for you, prove of you is also just that in this world is also what I have learned. The capacities with which we understand is the priceless truth of our bodies and live for in this world. This is perhaps the reason for science of action (karma) as we cycle through this universe to learn about ourselves, others and this world. I am grateful to be blessed by spirit for who I am in this world or simply for what I sought out. All that took place in that spiritual process I am on my own and have to live with good and bad because I don’t think anyone would understand experiencing spirit in relative terms, and all that happened after my grandpa had died and with Surya Namaskaram.  I count God’s blessing everyday for making Gita true for me in the way it is speaking to me.

I do want to say AmeriCA, I hope you like reading my blog, sounds naïve does it not. I do know and am aware of the fact it is a home to many, many, kinds of people that might not necessarily understand all or any of this. However, I say it affectionately because this was the ground that I have walked on, shaped me to be a person I am today and my home. AmeriCA. 

My greatest thanks and there is that to remember of the body also should go to my blessing in life, spirit.