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Thoughts about adharma (unjust) and dharma (just). Let us see the meaning and evaluate its validity. Has this country ever been unjust or unfair to me? I would not say so. Not from how I know this country, all that I felt and saw it to be, that great indeed. Only the set up there is what did not make sense (?) What does that mean? That which is happening in different dynamics (?) or is there greater unseen truth that knows this country.  Going back to adharma and dharma in this country, perhaps what bothers me truthfully of this country is what people understand and do not understand. What would you allow yourself to understand, process, believe, see and do not, the God’s truth of our bodies! Can own kith and kin, race be unfair? I think so, that was the experience of Arjuna in Gita. That is a priceless lesson learned. The priceless here is the value cannot be determined. It is a popular opinion through ethic studies that of a race, the other truths in history. What exactly is the truth there of white in terms of Native American, Asian, East Indian and Black cultures? To delete Asian perhaps. Should I delete Black from there and Native American too, who is living dignified lives and do not want to be included here. Is it fair to teach say the same of an entire race and in the year 2018.  I also want to pose questions with that said, how are other countries, the function and reality of 3rd world countries? And people think like there? Who is reaping the benefits of the white man in this country, and in western worlds? I only know this country’s measure in this way, immigrant and a citizen. The country in this decade is it not Oprah being the powerhouse, a black judge in the Supreme Court. Obama being the x president of this country. And interracial marriages, and people in important positions. Hopefully people in these important jobs understand the value of education in the way they can respect where it came from. I mean, these words, the boss of me is not the idea. The race understands race in terms of _________. Race also is just that this day an age.  The race works not necessarily by faithfulness or obedience to a particular race, and neither it is there to prove an individual one way or the other. If I do not like someone of the same race or races I identify with does it not make it okay? If I liked someone of the opposite race in the way I respected them now I am that race. How does America understand it’s race. It is simply this, race is what we can live with and cannot live with. The Hindu purpose education serves/works is to remove people of their sin (papa nashini) and so the reverence to Goddess Saraswati. Why we go to school for or learn anything about life in the way learning should be understood. What exactly is the truth about what people are like? Who is who? What people want to say? Just or unjust experiences (the setup under the flag – the truth) that happen in this country. How people understand all this under the flag, what makes sense there of religion, be it the undenying truth of however it makes sense for a race to choose how you understand one another and what you stand up for, hold a vigil light for, and kneel down for all that happens under the flag. The unjust and just is exactly that and of lives. Will it be the loyalty to race or to credence. Oh! A body knows a body, there is no deceiving there of creed, that is truth of what I came to experience of the spirit. The bodies are essentially what works for people and does not. It is the pricelessness of ourselves, race of our bodies and the capacity with which we understand our existence!

Pricelessness is _____________.

The invaluable.