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Mrs. Obama’s speech


It is Martin Luther King day today. I learned the meaning of character from the words, “it is not the color of your skin but the content of your character” and the weight that speech carries in ones minds eye. The reflection there is priceless. I want to share a powerful speech that showed character and moved me today, that I came across on the facebook feed. There is greatness here to be learned and said, the decency of presidency from a black president and the first lady. Thoughts about obama’s president, I didn’t quite understand all that he wanted to pass into law that had a heavy cost during the first 100 days of presidency, what language of a white man was there that still needed to be understood and will it be ever understood in that political position. I do think he worked tirelessly when in office, it was America that voted him. His accomplishment with health care was a huge milestone and historic. Was it worth the applause, or worthless? What of the welcome by all the white men who previously held the position of presidency? If language had a bearing it would look like this in my world. The skin you are proud of in white house let that be so we understand the nature and measure of all truths in this world. Would you have a black job fair if America voted for you to be in white house, does the white race think in those terms or is that nature of the internship and or value of leadership and democracy. Is this world simply have to be all black or choose white is that price of disappointment in presidency. The skin, perhaps maybe the priceless measure of Michelle Obama’s speech despite the insult to Black presidency by Trump admistration, his publicly wanting to undo of everything and yet reveal to us all what was in the white house.