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Where does your mind go and what can it teach you?



Where does your mind go when you read all this written on this blog? Why does it go there? What do you think? How should a God bless you?

Do you think where your minds and eyes go and don’t go can teach you buddhi, siddhi, bhakti, and Jna* ?

What is buddhi? The difference between RIGHT AND wrong. Ones Intellect.

What is Siddhi? Ones accomplishment, perfection in your accomplishment, a sense of achievement from sadhana (practice).

What is Bhakti?  Ones  search for God, your belief in God, devotion for God and something higher in power.

What is Jna*?  You have a good judgement. It is the highest kind of knowledge/wisdom.

What does it look like in this world? Opening of one’s eyes, there is Sanskrit verse for this.

Where your eyes go, don’t go, acknowledge and fail to acknowledge will teach you the undenying Hindu principles buddhi, siddhi, bhakti, Jna and importantly the truth of the soul. In my opinion we are not meant to be content superficially, we are ultimately meant to content with ourselves in truth, the undenying nature of our yoga here also.

The difference between content and context


America the difference between content and context.

The content, a post, the visual material that you simply read with your mind. The knowledge you hope to gain for a desired purpose of importance.


The Context, the time and place this post took place in, that is what is important — the current state of events, thoughts and as they apply to a certain place in time.

Content will judge you. Context will never judge you.

Things India can teach you


Things India can teach you.

1. The spiritual and philosophical religion in this world, a spiritual awakening to live for.

2. The birth place of yoga.

3.  Embraces vegetarianism and holistic cooking.

4. The culture that praises dharma, truth and truthful living.

6.  celebrates the power of music through devotion and prayer.

7.  Appreciates the value of Inner wisdom and self realization.

The Perfection of Us


perfection of us

What I have come to embrace in life IS perfection of us.  It looks like this. 

In christianity, perfection means to live in the image of God. They equate that to the blessing they receive at the Chruch —- The the body and blood of Christ is offered in the form of bread and wine so that they can live in the image of Christ through their actions.

In Hindusim, we say god is in everyone. In you, you and in you. When we great people, we honor each person’s supreme nature with a Namaste. Hindu’s don’t believe they created in the image of God. However what Hindu’s believe is God is in you, and in everything around us.

What is the “religious principal” of perfection?

In Chiristianity the image of God sounds like this —– I will lead you to your heart where I speak.
This is also perfection I have come to embrace.

In Hindusim if your mind spoke in the image of God. You would hear the truth. This is the perfection I adhere to.

On Gratitude


Gratitude is the highest form of thanks. — Veena

1. Being aware of what YOU have.

2. knowledge of what YOU have and don’t have.

3. You know how to count its blessings!

4. It is the way to show your aptitude.

5. Altitude is its name.

6. It is the parent of all virtues.

7. It is our guru, teacher of the purpose of our 5 senses, hands and feet.


On Perfection — Will it be?


Please read “masquerade” under iksvakave entries before you read this.

On perfection — will it be?

Will it be?

Will it be you?

Will it be you in my universe?

In a universe that does not know me

Will come to know me

Will that be my belief?  or Will it be possible?

How will that be possible?

Will that be my tomorrow?

What will tomorrow be like?

Will this always be a masquerade

A masquerade for you and me

What will it be for the one behind the masquerade

Will it be when you see the perfection in nature

Will it be when there is perfection for you and I

Will it be when I see the perfection in me


Conjuction with God


This is my favorite painting. The original is at University of Arizona. Irony behind this painting is it also has another title.

The other title of this painting is — Gift to God.

I was mesmerized by this particular painting and was also drawn to a lot of her other art work. She is by far my favorite artist.Since, I speak of God and my experiences, this painting was heart-felt, and in the divine order of the universe, was not a coincidence.

Here is quote on Coincidence from Albert Einstein

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.’

I feel like I was taken there to see this beautiful painting and my favorite art work of all time.