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Are you Happy in your happiness model? A must see!!!



I find this picture interesting, you and path to happiness? 

This visual statement reminds me of a straight road — for shopping!

Or is it to show each of us find our own path to happiness. Or do we? Also for how many of us happiness is independent? and for how many of us it is dependent? And for how many happiness is constant? 🙂

Why is it in America we always have to seem happy? or There is something wrong with you as in you need to seek help if you are not. If we really are on a straight road to happiness it would have to come in a bottle.

Hindu’s accept unhappiness as part of life. We are put here to do Karma. Have you heard the Indian’s Raagas anyone? We are here to feel or go through emotions. 

Unhappiness or happiness is something we must observe in our platform — our bodies must undergo it.

I would like to just say that there is no straight path to happiness.  If there was I would not want to take it —  I value my experiences. My experience makes me a richer INDIVIDUAL.

Our lives have been written and rewritten.

Too often, people  attribute their unhappiness to karma. Why not think of it as that our bodies are hear to learn through yogic experience and how we see and understand that experience in our life. Hinduism actually teaches every soul is divine. I do not believe every soul is divine, it a wrong way of worship catering to everyone ajna in the world and that is millions and billions of people.  We are here to understand life and or living through our yogic experience, and every soul is only potentially divine . Where we understand our approach to that higher power in the way we have understood our battles, failures and victories to understand our experience here on this earth.  Are we not atma, the soul and in the end? Remembering and acknowledging the canvas of our life and what it means to know that of self is to acknowledge our bodies experience in our journey that cycles through in this universe. 

Want a copy of this picture and insight on the picture go to this website.
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