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On karma and Sacrifice 3.15


Is all I have left in my heart to give is karma? 


karma brahmodbhavaḿ viddhi brahmākṣarasamudbhavam

tasmat sarvagatam brahma nityam yajne pratisthitam


Karma — past actions

Barhmodbhavam — dwelling of Brahma

Viddhi — the way it is or the manner in which

Brahmaksara – brahma’s writing of letters

Samudbhavam —- ocean is the dwelling.

Tasmat — for this reason

Sarvagatam — the entire past (gatam – Telugu —- Hindi expression – gatam gataha)

Brahma –is with  brahma

Nityam — eternally

Yajne —  sacrifices performed

Pratisthitam — appear standing in front of you.   (Implied—-  situation at hand)

Full Meaning:

Eternally we are sacrificing and our story begins here.

What it says in Prabhupada’s Gita about Text 3.15

Regulated activities are prescribed in the vedas, and the vedas are directly manifested from the supreme personality of Godhead. Consquently the all-pervading transcendence is eternally situated in acts of sacrifice.