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The Perfection of Us


perfection of us

What I have come to embrace in life IS perfection of us.  It looks like this. 

In christianity, perfection means to live in the image of God. They equate that to the blessing they receive at the Chruch —- The the body and blood of Christ is offered in the form of bread and wine so that they can live in the image of Christ through their actions.

In Hindusim, we say god is in everyone. In you, you and in you. When we great people, we honor each person’s supreme nature with a Namaste. Hindu’s don’t believe they created in the image of God. However what Hindu’s believe is God is in you, and in everything around us.

What is the “religious principal” of perfection?

In Chiristianity the image of God sounds like this —– I will lead you to your heart where I speak.
This is also perfection I have come to embrace.

In Hindusim if your mind spoke in the image of God. You would hear the truth. This is the perfection I adhere to.