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A quote by Ravindranath Tagore: “Facts are many but truth is one.”
What is that one truth we can all agree on and can we agree on such a truth? In my opinion truth is one, means one truth we can all agree on so it is to me when we are here no more, or happening in a different reality dynamic of what would take place spiritually with our bodies and not by which we would understand of how we live our lives. That dynamic, space and time happening of that one truth maybe that we are the spirit and the soul and not the body, that thirsts.
Everything that look place in my life since my grandfather passing away and the next five years after that was that reality with the spirit. Good and bad of that experience. I do not know why I should have experienced the bad but I did and not true to who I am. I only way I can hope to understand that is it is my teacher, and to count its blessings and be grateful that at 40 I am healthy and happy.
The truth is also this of that one reality that I experienced after surya namaskaram, that is the spirit in my life. The dead and also the living? I don’t know how this was taking place, I can’t formulate into words other than to say I experienced spirit. As I have mentioned it was good and bad. I can only describe my life then as insane, unreal, and real. What people understood of my life, didn’t understand and wanted prove of me through this experience was priceless. I don’t know people might have very well written their own karmas. If what people understand of this world resembles a like for Trump presidency or crucification of Jesus, what people cared, could care less and understood of my life also looked like that. Insane were the incidents that should have never happened, these out of body experiences with the spirit and also the blog, what I intended for it and what all happened with it also. That is not true to my being as person. The real is everything I experienced with my arranged marriage, and what all I learned of that situation in Indian culture. The loyalty to one’s experience has forever changed my life and relationships. Unreal are my meditative experiences years later. There is truth to what the swami’s have said, that it is possible to experience bliss through meditation and that have in my life years later. I come out of my meditations happy and blissful. What I have learned with all that happened in the last 10 years is people have taught me who they are and intellect they live with and understand of life.
The truth is also this, I am at peace with my self. I owe remainder of my life to my grandparents, and let fate guide my life. They cared for my happiness so much that I know they would not have it any other way, that is to see me happy. I am happier than I had ever been in the 40 years of my life. What I have experienced of God, spirit and soul I have to live with so when look back at those experiences or my meditation experiences I feel there must be greater purpose to my life. There may not be greater purpose in life for me, only being contended and at peace with myself and experience all the wealth in good health also. A family and children would be nice, I will let that fall into place in way it is supposed to by God’s grace.
I do not doubt another person in this world, might have experienced spirit, or a type of near death experience. These incidents have known to exist. So I may not be the only one who has experienced spirit in life.
I write from my soul. That is the truth. Maybe it also be the one truth with which we understand ourselves.