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Acchedyo’yam adahyo’yam 2.24



acchedyo ’yam adāhyo ’yam akledyo ’śoṣya eva ca

nityaḥ sarva-gataḥ stāṇur acalo ’yaṁ sanātanaḥ


acchedyo ’yam – you giving from hands or through the payment of I am to

adāhyo ’yam – realize the profit gained, collect the value of I am 

akledyo – in movement of form

śoṣya – the remainder of the breath

eva – surely 

ca  – also

nityaḥ – this is constant in

sarva-gataḥ – the past of the entire

stāṇur – their place in life 

acalo ’yaṁ – stable/firm

sanātanaḥ – hence is eternal

Full meaning:

You giving from hands or through the payment of I am to realize realize the profit gained, collect the value of I am, in the movement of form, the remainder surely. Also, this is constant in the past of the entire, their place in life, stable firm, hence is eternal.

What is constant or controlling our place in life through birth, life and death is the past. This is what religion tells us about one’s place in life is stable/firm hence eternal. Our place in life be it that eternal truth the measure that is the constant throughout our existence, past, present and future. 


What does it say in Gita. It is entirely different from my understanding or interpretation of it. 

It says in Gita, “he cannot be cut or burnt. He can neither be wetted nor dried. Eternal, all pervading, immovable and motionless, he is the same for ever.” So, if it is saying “he,” then clearly all of these things can happen to the body. 

I do have an understanding the soul is unbreakable and incombustible; it can neither be dampened nor dried?

This verse is talking about how one’s work is valued in India, in the movement of form the remainder of breath,  that is constant or controlling our lives and our place, hence also the name eternal in the  name of the religion Sanatana Dharma. Who we are and what is gained is the pricelessness of this religion.