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Adhibhutam ksaro bhavah 8.4



adhibūtaṁ kṣaro bhāvaḥ puruṣaś cā adhidaivatam

adhiyajñoham evātra dehe deha-bhṛitāṁ vara


adhibūtaṁ – upon the fulfillment, the living spirit/entity

kṣaro – is the final

bhāvaḥ -from the dwelling of samsara

puruṣaś – the attempt at being persons

cā – aslo

adhidaivatam – upon the fulfillment of belief in God 

adhiyajñoham -upon the fulfillment of your sacrifice 

e vātra – diminished 

dehe – is the body

deha-bhṛitāṁ – body endured

vara -by the boon

Full meaning:

Upon the fulfillment, the living entity/spirit is the final from the dwelling of samsara, the attempt at being persons also. Upon the fulfillment of belief in God, and your sacrifice diminished is the body, and the body endured by the boon. 


Did you know being born is a boon? I have heard of this in Indian myth and of Rishi’s.


What does it say in Gita?



Why do the word meanings start with dehabhrtamvara? Are jumbled up again. 

The perishable nature is the material aspect and this is adhibuta. I have never heard of this. The cosmic soul is the basis of all divine manifestations (adhidaivata)? No it is actually adhi dvaita, the fulfillment of belief in God as the supreme soul. It is not adhivaita, the daivata is the opposite of belief in advaita. I verily form the adhiyajna, the one object of all worship which men perform with their body and mind? The “object” of all worship is adhi yajna? I don’t think so. It is adhiyajnoham. 

This verse is tricky to understand but I am able to because my experience. Take a look at my meaning.