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Adhisthanam tatha karta 18.14



adhiṣhṭhānaṁ tathā kartā karaṇaṁ ca pṛithag-vidham

vividhāś ca pṛithak ceṣṭā daivaṁ caivā pañcamam


adhiṣhṭhānaṁ – upon the fulfillment of one’s place in life

tathā -in that way

kartā -inorder to perform

karaṇaṁ – the reason for 

ca -also

pṛithag-vidham -the manner or mode (vidham) of prakriti or being born on earth

vividhāś – in various forms

ca -also

pṛithak -seperated by

ceṣṭā – conduct

daivaṁ -one’s belief in God

caivā -certainly,

pañcamam – the five senses


Full meaning:

Upon the fulfillment of one’s place in life in that way inorder to perform, the reason for also the manner or mode or path of prakriti, having been born on this earth in various forms also separated by conduct, one’s belief in God and certainly the five senses. 


Why are we on this earth in various forms separated by our belief in God, conduct and the 5 senses, be it the scripture of mankind.   Do all of our 5 senses work the same way? To further explain, think about what does sociology tell us about about behaviors and who we relate to and what we relate to, what separates our various forms and senses here on earth. 


What does the text say?


One’s body which is the seat of action, agreed. The ego claiming to be an actor, that is funny! The several instruments of action (like the senses and the mind etc),  and now the varied and the distinct types of movements involved, finally the unknown factors (or the “deities presiding over the senses) as the fifth, these are the 5 causal factors?  There is a deity presiding over the senses? This information is extreme, and I don’t know how people say they have read the Gita, is this what they are reading. I personally do not understand this translation of it. Hence, my work and effort. Take a look at the meaning I have for this again.  

What I am more fascinated by is the extension of this verse which involves the philosophy of understanding the prthag-vidham (or prakriti) and the 5 senses, this could be another mini book.