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advesta sarva-bhutanam 12.13



adveṣṭā sarva-bhūtānāṁ maitraḥ karuṇa eva ca

nirmamo nirahankāraḥ sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ kṣamī


adveṣṭā – without the hatred or enmity

sarva-bhūtānāṁ – the entire living spirit 

maitraḥ -through friendship show

karuṇa -compassion

eva -surely


nirmamo -with water of your tears

nirahamkāraḥ-without the ego

Sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ -is equal to one’s sadness-happiness

kṣamī- pardon


Full meaning:

Without the hatred or enmity, the entire living spirit through friendship show compassion surely also with water of your tears and without the ego. It is equal to one’s sadness, happiness and pardon. 

I love this, it is priceless way to include people in our lives.

This verse in the text is combined with 12.14 so I did not post the picture of the meaning in English.