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Aham kratur aham yajnah 9.16



ahaṁ kratur ahaṁ yajñaḥ svadhāham aham auṣadham

mantroham aham evājyam aham agnir ahaṁ hutam


ahaṁ -I am 

kratur -the sacrifice from the burnt offering

ahaṁ -Iam

yajñaḥ -the sacrifice in science of action

svadhāham -that is under my control

aham -Iam

auṣadham -the medicine for the body

mantroham -of the mantras recited to me

aham -Iam

evājyam -surely (eva) the clarified butter (ajyam)

aham -Iam

agnir -the fire in the sun

ahaṁ I am

hutam -the one summoned/called/invited


Full meaning:

I am the sacrifice from the burnt offering. I am the sacrifice in science of action that is under my control. I am the medicine for the body of the mantras recited to me. I am, surely of the clarified butter. I am the fire in the sun, I am the one summoned/called/invited. 

This tells us why we as Hindu’s partake in ritual worship. This verse informs us the reason for anything we do, and what we do. 

What does it say in Gita?

What I have is not that much different from what is in the text here, however it is not one and the same, example svadhaham is not ancestral offering.