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Aham vaisvanaro bhutva 15.14



ahaṁ vaiśvānaro bhūtvā prāṇināṁ deham āśritaḥ

prāṇāpāna-samāyuktaḥ pacāmy annaṁ chatur-vidham


ahaṁ – I am 

vaiśvānaro – vaisvanaro (the suns)

bhūtvā – of the living entity 

prāṇināṁ -the life force in

deham -the body

āśritaḥ-that takes shelter/rest

prāṇāpāna-samāyuktaḥ -under the regarded sacred syllable OM (pranavamu/pranapana)

the person fit to be joined with equal to (sama yuktah)

pacāmy -distributing 

annaṁ -the food of the

chatur-vidham- path of the 4 vedas 


Full meaning:

I am vaisvanaro, of the living entity. The life force in the body that takes shelter/rest under the regarded sacred syllable OM, the person fit to be joined with equal to distributing the food of the path of the 4 vedas. 

Imagine that Hindu for the yogic experience!!! 

I would like to know about the word visvanaro as it applies to vishnavism. 

What does it say in Gita?

In Gita, it says, based in the body of living beings, I manifest as the digestive fire Vaisvanara. I am saying, what I have come to understand through my translations about the function of this world is, the digestive fire is all pervading. And it says, in combination with vital energies known as prana and apana, I know prana is a vital energy, now I do not know what is apana, these 2 energies digest the four kinds of food taken? What are these 4 kinds of food called here as catur vidham? And how does “apana” digest the food {:)? It does not make a whole lot of sense . 

This is what I have a problem with. The literal translation, it does not change from Gita to Gita, though the commentaries and explanations do. The words catur vidham means the path of the 4 vedas. Take a look at the meaning I have for this again.