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Ahimsa samata tustis 10.5



ahimsā samatā tuṣṭis tapo dānaṁ yaśo ’yaśaḥ

bhavanti bhāvā bhūtānāṁ matta eva pṛithag-vidhāḥ


ahimsā  -non-violence

samatā -is the balance of equanimity (mental calmness)

tuṣṭis -from the sustenance (food or drink that is considered source of strength)

tapo -with that same burning

dānaṁ -donate or give to

yaśo ’ya śaḥ-such is a person celebrated (yasamu)

bhavanti -shall flourish in

bhāvā -the emotion of 

bhūtānāṁ -all of the living entity

matta -religion

eva -surely

pṛithag-vidhāḥ -the mode of prakriti or the path or manner of being born on earth

Full meaning:

Non-violence is the balance of equanimity from the sustenance, with that same burning from the austerity, donate or give to, such is a person celebrated. Shall flourish in the emotion of all of the living entity, religion surely, the mode or path of being born on earth.

I do not have the image in Gita, because it is combined with another verse. 

The idea of non-violence, and sustenance could be that mini book on prakriti, the 5 senses and the manner in which we are born here on earth.