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Ahimsa satyam akrodhah 16.2



ahimsā satyam akrodhas tyāgaḥ śāntir apaiśunam

dayā bhūteṣu aloluptvaṁ mārdavaṁ hrīr acāpalam



satyam -truthfulness in

akrodhas -that freedom from anger

tyāgaḥ -personal sacrifice made

śāntir -for peace

apaiśunam-away from the (apa i) dog-like behavior (sunam)

dayā -mercy of the

bhūteṣu-the living entity

aloluptvaṁ -through inquiry rejected (alo luptvam)

mārdavaṁ -for gentleness

hrīr -so is rejoiced/gladdened (also hrsito 11.45)

acāpalam-for denying (aca apalam (deny/reject). [There are many words in Telugu dictionary that start with aca or uda, or sva, opi, avya)]

Full meaning:

Non-violence truthfulness in that freedom from anger, personal sacrifice made for peace, away from the dog like behavior, mercy of the living entity. Through inquiry rejected for gentleness, so is rejoiced, gladdened for denying. 

I see all the terms, however how it is relevant to non-violence. The meaning I have says, it the truth of freedom from anger.