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Akhyahi me ko bhavan 11.31



ākhyāhi me ko bhavān ugra-rūpo

namo ’stu te deva-vara prasīda

vijñātum icchāmi bhavantam ādyaṁ

na hi prajānāmi tava pravṛittim


ākhyāhi – ill repute or fame cause of 

me ko – myself for (understood as for myself)

bhavān -the dwelling/residence 

ugra-rūpo-that is the fierce wrathful form

namo ’stu te -salutations to you

deva-vara – the god’s boon


vijñātum -given the knowledge of learning

icchāmi -the liking for

bhavantam -your residence 

ādyaṁ-for being the first, primordial

na -not


prajānāmi -for people (praja) to be bowed/bent in (anami/anamitamu) 

tava – your

Pravṛittim-behaviors that you show


Full meaning:

Ill repute or fame cause of, for myself the dwelling/residence that is the fierce warthful form. Salutations to you, the god’s boon, pleased, given the knowledge of learning, the liking for your residence for being the first, primordial not, indeed for people to be bowed/bent in your behaviors that you show.

What does it say in Gita?

What do you suppose is lost in the meaning and understanding? What is “also of Thy purpose here, of which I am in ignorance.”  That is not the idea I have gathered from my translations. How does one see ignorance? Without a doubt something to learn from I am sure.