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Aksaranam akaro’smi 10.33



akṣarāṇām akāro ’smi dvandvaḥ sāmāsikasya ca

aham evākṣayaḥ kālo dhātāhaṁ viśvato-mukhaḥ


akṣarāṇām -of the letters formed 

akāro ’smi -the final is this

dvandvaḥ -the pair that is coupled with

sāmāsikasya – is equal to (sama) was wished for (asi) on earth (kasyapi)


aham -I am

evākṣayaḥ -surely (eva) the eye (aksayah/aksamu)

kālo -of time

dhātāhaṁ – its bestower I am 

viśvato-mukhaḥ- the universal form (visvato) in all of the faces (mukhah)


Full meaning

Of the letters formed, the final is this, the pair that is coupled with (the OM), is equal to the wish on earth also. I am surely the eye of time, its bestower I am, the universal form in all of the faces. 


What does it say it Gita?


What is “among the letter I am A, among the compound formations?” What this verse is saying is among all of the letters, the final of this is a coupled pair to mean OM. It is not saying, it is the never ending time, but the eye of time, knows the past, present and future and role of being its bestower in all of the faces on earth. Not speaking of the all seeing brahma, the dispenser of karmas of all beings. That is not the understanding I have thus far of either the Brahma or the karma.  The final of the asksaram, the letters formed is OM the meaning of this verse. Take a look at the meaning I have for this again.