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amanitvam adambhitvam 13.7



amānitvam adambhitvam ahimsā kṣāntir ārjavam

āchāryopāsanaṁ śaucaṁ sthairyam ātma-vinigrahaḥ

amānitvam -unto your abundance that was given in trust

adambhitvam -unto your despicable vain display of arrogance

ahimsā -non-violence

ākṣāntir -the eye of (aksa) the end/termination of (antir)

arjavam-the straight forwardedness

āchāryopāsanaṁ – it is the service (opasanam/upasana) to Guru (acharyo)

śaucaṁ – that is pure

sthairyam -determines one’s firmness in position 

ātma-vinigrahaḥ- the soul humbled

Full meaning:

Unto your abundance that was given in trust, unto your despicable vain display of arrogance. Non-violence the eye of the end/termination of the straight forwardedness. It is (non-violence) the service to guru that is pure determines one’s firmness in position, the soul humbled. 

What does it say Gita?

Absence of self-importance, priceless! What is the importance in self importance? Unpretentious a great quality to have, straight forwardeness, well it’s not for everyone from what I gather of my translations, service of the teacher or should it read service to the teacher, which is priceless! The cleanliness nothing like that kind of purification. The stead fastness and self control do they go together? Stead fastness means immovable and self control probably the same idea. So it is listing all of these, but how is a language spoken in the way we understand each verse? What was missing from the understanding, that one is able to understand with clarity with own translation.