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aneka chitta vibhranti 16.16


aneka-chitta-vibhrāntā moha-jāla-samāvṛitāḥ
prasaktāḥ kāma-bhogeṣu patanti narake ’śuchau

aneka-chitta-vibhrāntā – At one time (aneka), give attention to (chitta), at the light of day break (vibhranta)
moha-jāla-samāvṛitāḥ -the face (moha) with flow of water (jala) equal to being covered or surrounded by (sama avritah)
prasaktāḥ – the excess possibilities
kāma bhogeṣu – of love desires (kama) enjoyed by us (bhogesu)
patanti -shall fall down
narake ’śucau – from that hell (narake) for happiness (sucau)

Full meaning –
At one time, give attention to at the light of day break, the face with flow of water equal to being covered or surrounded by the excess possibilities of love desires enjoyed by us, shall fall down from that hell for happiness.

This is speaking of giving thought to life’s desires at day break and falling from hell for that happiness.

What does it say in Gita?

Kama bhogesu prasaktah does not mean ever given to sex-indulgences.

The saraswati stotram has the word kama – Sarasvati namastubhyaṃ varade kāmarūpiṇi.

I find it interesting how people enjoy the knowledge without giving much thought to it.

And so with numerous bewildering thoughts, entangled in meshes of delusion, ever given to sex indulgences they are degraded into states that are loathsome and full of suffering? What are these loathsome states? And people are in these states? Do we understand the world around us this way? This is Bhagavad Gita?