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anubandham ksayam himsam 18.25



anubandhaṁ kṣayaṁ himsām anapekṣya ca pauruṣam

mohād ārabhyate karma yat tat tāmasam ucyate

anubandhaṁ – to rely on ties in relationships (anu bandham)

kṣayaṁ -to be diminished 

himsām -from being tortured

anapekṣya -a neutral expectation/hope (ana apeksya)

ca -also

pauruṣam – prideful in that welfare (pauru sam)

mahād -to not to great 

ārabhyate – with manhood in that place (arabhati) 

karma -the science of action

yat -of effort/endeavour 

tat -that is 

tāmasam -the mode of ignorance

ucyate – it is said

Full meaning:

To rely on ties in relationships to be diminished from being tortured, a neutral expectation/hope also, prideful in that welfare to not do great with manhood in that the science of action of effort and endeavor that is the mode of ignorance it is said. 

Priceless, the hope and expectation of ties in relationship for one’s well being. Also, the Scripture of mankind. 

What does it say in Gita? 

In the above image it says, “And that work which is performed under delusion, without any regard to consequences, loss, injury to others and to one’s own capacity is said to be born of Tams.”  If you are testing one’s capacity with all this, we are talking about someone who is not in the right mind, and so this is said to be born of Tamas or ignorance. Don’t we already know this! Does it sound like Sanskirt or Gita anymore? Or is it a delusion? This is speaking of anubandham. I know it does not mean consequences, bandham are relationships or ties and not extending that help in relationships is said to be the mode of ignorance is what this verse is about according to me.