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Anudvesa-karam 17.15



anudvesa-karaṁ vākyaṁ satyaṁ priya-hitaṁ ca yat

svādhyāyābhyasanaṁ caiva vāṅ-mayaṁ tapa ucyate


anudvesa-karaṁ – to speak of dislike or hatred – is pungent that is the hotness of taste

vākyaṁ -the words of speech

satyaṁ -the truthfulness of it

priya-hitaṁ -is dear-beneficial 

ca -also

yat- the effort or endeavor 

svādhyāyābhyasanaṁ – of own self studying the scriptures exercised to show its worthiness  

caiva -certainly 

vāṅ-mayaṁ -the sounds of language 

tapa -with burning 

ucyate – it is said


Full meaning:

To speak of dislike or hatred is like pungent that is the hotness of taste. The words of speech, the truthfulness of it is dear-beneficial also. The effort or endeavor of own self studying the scriptures exercised to show its worthiness, certainly the sounds of language with burning, it is said. 

Think about why we listen to or read anything in this world, for the sounds of language, that move and transform us. The scripture of mankind. 

What does it say in Gita?

Anudvega-karam is not, it is not painful. 

Speaking words that are true could also cause unpleasantness in people. What this is saying is the truthfulness of words of speech is dear and beneficial. So it should be how one communicates that in speech. It should not be like pungent or hotness in taste. The point is also people have to see that it is beneficial and that is either likely or unlikely one would.

Basically words of speech  the truthfulness of it should not show enmity. 

This reminds me of the truthfulness in words of speech of Gandhi or Martin Luther King despite their experience. Or words of this establishment that start with we the people. Or the words of the people that empower us like Wayne Dyer or Oprah and others.  The sounds of language that draw us near or take us far are priceless!