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anye tvevam ajanantah 13.25



anye tvevam ajānantaḥ śrutvānyebhya upāsate

tepi cātitaranty eva mṛityuṁ śruti-parāyaṇāḥ


anye – say

tvevam -shall get from

ajānantaḥ – that is unknown to us

śrutvānyebhya -the significance of that which is heard 

upāsate- from worship/service to God

tepi -is digested 

cā – also

atitaranty -with the coming of the guests

eva – surely

mṛityuṁ -immortal is the

Śruti-parāyaṇāḥ- act of hearing (sruti), reading as a whole from the scriptures (parayanamu)

Full meaning: 

Say, shall get from that is unknown to us the significance of that which is heard from worship/service to God, is digested also with the coming of the guests surely, immortal is the act of hearing, reading as a whole from the scriptures. 




What does it say in Gita?

Evam is the all this in the manner described, but the word is tvevam.

Here is the meaning in Gita. There are still others who being unfit to follow the disciples described before for the lack of knowledge of yoga sastra and vedas — who are these other’s exactly, so most people have the knoweldge? So among the millions of people and people taking intrest in Isha, or Jk yog, isckon or rama krishna order who exactly is fit or unfit? There are people simply unfit to follow the disciplines to follow yoga sastra or the vedas because they lack the knowledge? Who really decides who is fit and has the knowledge? And what does that look like? In our world. 

This verse is speaking of the tradition or significance of the act of hearing, the Sanskrit tradition of reciting the mantras the extent of knowledge or depth of which is not always known to us.